Learning about Alchemy

I am learning about alchemy in the archetypal dreamwork and what it feels like in my body. Here are some words I can use to describe it: uncomfortable, dizzying, electrical, percolating, burning, withdrawal, vibrating, energetic, sensual, flowing, shaking, pulsing, waves, activated, alive, falling, intense.

I have felted alchemy manifested in my body as a cascade effect. In the dreams it is like being in the crucible. I am literally being worked on by the Archetypes, those emissaries of the Divine, who are bringing me back into my body, into my feelings, the result of which is the inner spiritual growth. As I allow the feelings to enter, the Archetypes are there to support me and help move me through the trauma. They cannot help me if I am not an active participant, choosing to feel my trauma, choosing to go towards that place that my demons would have me avoid. When alchemy happens, it is as if the primordial sediment of my psyche is lifted from the depths and deposited on a new shore. Everything is different.

There is no arrival. I am not “there”, for there is no “there”. There is only more. More intensity, more feeling. This is the soul’s existence. Most of what I have experienced in my life as feeling is simply a projection of a world that doesn’t really exist. It only exists because I chose to engage it. I create the world I live in through my projections. What happens when I withdraw the projections? What happens when I no longer need to live from the place of my trauma? Who do I become? The girl in her devotion? The girl in her joy? What would it be like to live in this world from that place?

I suspect I have only scratched the surface and yet what I have discovered seems so immense, so unfathomable, so incredible. I want to share it with others. I want others to experience the exquisite arrival back in the body. I want others to know the love and support that is there if only we choose to turn towards it unabashedly, without reserve. The Divine intention is activated when we so align ourselves with it.

Marc and Christa, the founders of North of Eden spoke recently about how much we each count. How our becoming is so important in this world and we cannot buy into the lie that we don’t count. Every person who turns to the light is an active participant in birthing the world into a new consciousness. What does this mean? For me it means doing my work every day, every hour, every minute, every second to the best of my willingness in each new moment. The unfolding of my devotion is no less than a miracle.

p.s. A great book to support mindfulness in the dreamwork is Dreaming Metaphysical by Marc Bregman. It contains short essays on topics relevant to the dreamwork. The book invites you to look below the spirit of the times and into the spirit of depths in provocative, illuminating and hopeful way. I feel like this book does for dreamwork what Melody Beattie did for recovery work. Best of all, it’s available for $.99 on the Amazon Kindle: click here!

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  1. I feel the same as you, Laura,uncomfortable, electrical, percolating. i find it hard to bear sometimes and maybe that is why people shy away from it. I love this: there is no there, there is only more! Yesss.