My Artwork

South End Art Hop

My artwork is inspired by my dreams. All of the images shown on this blog are representative of my dreamwork.

In March of 2011, I dreamed that the Anima was teaching me how to paint as we painted together. During a particularly difficult spot in my dreamwork, my dream therapist suggested that I draw or paint an image from the dream. This opened the door to a previously unexplored part of myself. One, perhaps, that as a child I knew of, but that had been lost to me. The dream showed this desire in me and it has been a great gift to me.

Jung says that art is the language of the soul. The dream is the truth. Our soul can't speak to us in words in an intellectual way. The dreams speak to us in images and, through the dreamwork, we are invited to feel into what they show us. My art is an expression of my soul journey.

The cover piece on this blog is called Primal Animals.