Archetypal Dreamwork and the New Consciousness

Mayan Circular Calendar
Here we are on the threshold, perhaps of a new era. A new time in the Earth’s history...the long awaited “end of the Mayan calendar”. But it is really not about endings, it is about beginnings. The Mayan calendar represents time in a cyclical way, not a linear way. It is not the arrow of time, but the cycle of unfoldment...birth, death, re-birth. One can step in anywhere in this cycle and we would be in the flow, for there is really no beginning or ending.

There is a way, I feel, that it all speaks to a huge mythos that exists in our collective psyche. It is a story of inevitable destruction. It lives in us going all the way back to the great flood and the myriad other stories of the destructive force of nature. Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, Ice ages, meteorites…the hand of God. The natural world delivers to us our destruction. The mythos unfolds as the place of great destruction; our minds interpret this as annihilation. We will be destroyed and we fear this terribly. And in our fear we become hopeless or we look to the hope of being saved. What if instead of being saved, we could all be like Christ? Be present, willing to go inside, to face our rage at God, to face our trauma, reclaim our feelings and our place in this mystery, descend so that we may rise again changed in some profound way.

In the dreamwork, the destruction can come in the same way: a great storm, a cyclone, tidal wave, earthquake. It comes to tear down the old so that the transformation and emergence of the new thing can unfold.

What if the whole destruction/rising again is co-opted by the collective pathology so that it is made into the reformation of the egoic structure which becomes about an outer world reality which is not soul based? We think we must solve the world’s problems, but what if we really just need to solve our own and in doing so we could change the mythos from beginnings and endings to healing and transformation. There is no ending, as The Girl soul revealed to Jung when she handed him a gold crown upon which the words were inscribed: Love Never Ends.

In the world today, we have only to look at global climate change, limited resources and the resulting war, the constant grasping for the next thing that will make our lives “better”, conflicts both domestic and foreign, conflicts between two or between many. We all want a first world economy, with all the attendant stuff that goes along with it. We know in our hearts it is not sustainable. What if what is happening in the world is only a reflection of what is happening to our souls?

If we look at this from the perspective of the dreamwork, what if everything that we project out into the world that feeds this destruction mythos is simply our fear of what really needs to be destroyed, namely the false persona we live in, that which is not of God? When we live in the lie that it is about everything outside of ourselves, when we think the fight exists out there then we don’t see the truth which is that we are feeding the energy of a negative collective persona which is bolstered by our ego construct. And then what we are really destroying is the verdant soil of our hearts and souls.

We need to die to rise again. How do we die? Follow your dreams. The dream holds the untainted truth for you. Every one of them has an intention that is just for you. Follow your dreams, allow what the Archetypes bring, be the warrior that you are and know that the battle is inside you.

I believe that Archetypal Dreamwork is part of the new consciousness that is cycling back around. Vision work like this is an ancient practice that dates all the way back to Neolithic times. It is powerful. Your dreams may be calling to you. If you feel a desire to know more, heed them. Know that it is a call to participate in this new cycle. You do not have to know anything or understand the why or what. The dreams will bring you what you need to know, when you are ready to know it.

What would it be like for YOU to descend and live in the world from that place of your soul where the love never dies?

Personal Mandala by Carl Jung

Jung believed that the mandala, an ancient circular contemplative image, to be a universally occurring pattern associated with the mythological representation of the unconscious self. Hidden within the mandala is, perhaps, the same cyclical nature of our own "circular calendar", the possibility of our own transformational cycle of the soul and our own movement towards wholeness.


  1. I love this post! And the fact that it was added to your blog at 10:54 am makes that number a meaningful coincidence to me as well, as I was born at 10:54 (pm). Recently, I've been discovering the message of archetypal descent, death, and rebirth - in my dreams, synchronicities, visions, and this blog and books like Monika Wikman's Pregnant Darkness: Alchemy and the Rebirth of Consciousness.

    Thank you for supporting my journey...

    1. Thanks, Jenna...I went to your blog. It was great to read some of you writings! I am going to look up the book you mentioned above. Thanks for you note. Laura