Revelatory Power of the Soul

What if the problem with my anger is that it is simply a manifestation of the finite, a psychological defect that is a manifestation of the lie that I am finite? When I am in my anger, it is like my soul is in chains. It is bound in the finite. It cannot be what it truly is because the “I” that is living in the hell of my future as I stare back at the reflection of my past cannot see beyond the reflection of my three dimensional world. So I think this is it.

Only when I am rocketed into the 4th dimension through difficult spiritual work and the alchemy of the dreams, can I even know my own ignorance. My soul lives on the other side of a mirror. It is like a two way mirror, she sees me and yet I do not see her as I am trapped in the deception and illusion that the “I” is real and that she is not.

And yet, I feel her there. There is a way that I know her. I feel the truth of her existence in the attraction that she exerts upon me. Her power is revelatory. She manifests in me as desire.

I believe that there is an attraction that we all feel. We often don’t recognize it as attraction because it manifests as the pain of our separation, which is often projected out into the material world and so we think the longing we feel is about something else outside of ourselves.

It takes a warrior heart to activate the desire sufficiently to allow her to engage us. In the dreamwork, the dreams provide an opening into the 4th dimension where she lives.

As I continue to follow this path, I realize that what she gives to me are revelations, revelations about who she is not and revelations about the possibility of what she is. If I am willing, I am shown what has happened to me, how I became lost, what chains hold me hostage, what feelings I can allow which can lead to the alchemy of true change in the spiritual sense, what is being born in me, what I might become.

The cumulative acceptance of these revelations creates in me a sufficient opening for her to work with the Divine in bringing into being herself.

The Vision of Hermes Trismegistus by Johfra Bosschart
Marc Bregman, one of my teachers, stated that there isn’t anyone who follows their dreams deep enough who doesn’t feel a calling to share this work or be a teacher. In this way, not only am I affected, but there is a collective effect since we are all part of what Jung calls the Pleroma, or same oneness. As I allow the continual and cumulative effect of the revelations brought by her through Him in me, so too others may follow, and many may not.

Through Archetypal Dreamwork, we can experience a direct relationship with God. That is, we can experience the teachings allegorically, metaphorically, symbolically, and even physically (the embodiment of ecstatic feeling). We can also experience it through spoken word.

I had this dream in May of 2011

Dream: I am with the Yellow Spinner (Anima figure). She is talking to me and showing me something. She says that I must be careful how I speak of these things. She pulls out a piece of metal that is very old and pitted and black. She says “we are like this piece of metal but we can be like this” and then she wipes a cloth or sponge across the metal and I see that it is polished smooth and is made of some rare earth element that gleams like nickel or titanium. She says that many people will come wanting this knowledge but very few understand the difficulty in attaining it and they become frustrated.

Here are a few other examples of direct teachings from my dreams:

I hear a voice saying “you can achieve a lot of healing and feel better, but if you haven’t gone through the pain, you can’t be found and aren’t really healed.”

I hear a voice say, “there are no seekers, there is only desire.”

…I hear a voice talking to me, but I don’t recall what it says, maybe something about what I am supposed to do in the work and that I must be observant. I hear that I need to be careful not to miss something.  I feel uncertainty and then I see a tiger walking from the cabin down a path which leads to other paths which branch out to other lean-tos and buildings on the grounds and off into the forest.

I hear a voice say “you can come…” I feel welcomed.

I hear a voice say, “this is how bad the attack can be”, and I see [a woman] cowering and struggling with some unseen force and I feel terrified.

I hear a voice telling me, “when you feel fear, you need to stay because that will be the moment that the teaching is coming through.”

I hear a voice teaching me. Then I am with Christa and NOE people and we are going to embody the teaching through string work (dream enactment). I feel the truth of the teachings.

To experience this type of direct “teaching” as spoken word is actually quite terrifying. Every time I go to the place of being His student in this way, I feel fear.

Last week, I dreamed that I saw myself wearing some kind of long ceremonial dress that is orange in color and feels tribal. I have a deer antler in one hand and a stick in the other like I am performing some kind of ritual.

The place in me that exists in this world wants to reject this dream. I could never be that woman. But in the dream, I felt a total connection to a power greater than myself and to a community of people who were like me. I felt the lineage of my tribe and I felt totally grounded in who I was and felt the confidence of the girl in me who knows who she is in relationship with her God and her community. There was no thinking it, this was just the truth.

How can we argue with this revelation? What is it in us that would have us reject the truth of who we are? That each of us is no more or less special than the next. That in each of us is a Bodhisattva, a teacher who can be born.

This is an intimate and individual process, a journey that is unique to each of us and requires the desire and the rigor and commitment of being a student, open, curious and willing to step beyond what we think is finite, beyond the boundaries of what we know. Not to seek knowing, but to allow our soul to become.

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